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Fladen Maxx Match Quiver Rod Set ( Save 50% )

Fladen Maxx Match Quiver Rod Set ( Save 50% )
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RRP 79.99

The ultimate in quality, versatility, and now value! This superb set is comprised of 8 sections to make an incredibly versatile quiver and feeder rod, which can be fished at 3 different lengths (11ft, 12ft, and 13ft). Designed and manufactured with THE MAXX top of the range specifications, a set to impress all anglers, from dedicated enthusiasts to world class.

We have noted that this is advertised in the manufacturers catalogue as also being a Match rod, in reality there are no dedicated match tips supplied - Just 3 feeder /quiver tips - make up your own mind!

Price:39.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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