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Fladen Maxximus 422 3BB Multiplier - Save £30

Fladen Maxximus 422 3BB Multiplier - Save 30
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Was 89.95

A superb new top quality Multiplier from Fladen, which has a striking resemblence in both appearance and quality to the Abu reels. These reels are standard issue for the England National Boat team, and a firm favourite with Ray Barron, European champion 2005. Kaj Lindh of Sweden used the large 777 version of this reel when equalling the European Record with a 17.66kg ( 38.93 lb ) Sea Wolf.

This range of reels is available in several sizes and models for all kinds of fishing, with smaller sizes for spincast and plugging, mid size for beach use and the large 777 ideal for most sea fishing uses. Maxximus 422 is finished in black, and fitted with instant anti reverse.
Aluminium side plates are fitted for lower weight. All come with aluminium spool, three ball bearings, super grip handle, and a high 5.3:1 gear ratio.

The perfect reel to accompany the Fladen Solid C range of rods.

Available in a choice of sizes including:
  • Model 555 (185yds/18lb)
  • Model 666 (250yds/18lb)
  • Model 777 (250yds/30lb)

For every one of these reels purchased, we will offer you the chance to add 1000m spool of SF Line top quality pre-stretched co-polymer line (RRP £14.95) for just 5.00. Please choose from the drop down list.

The frame provides strength and precision alignment of spool and other components. The design of this reel permits easy access to internal components for serving.

Stainless Steel Line Guide: Durable and corrosion resistant, this positive lever wind works equally well in fresh water and salt water. Pawl and worm assemblies are easily replaced.

High speed retrieve gets lures in lightening fast. Handy when clearing lines, a necessity when jigging or using other techniques requiring a high gear ratio. This reel is also excellent for gathering up slack line when a hooked fish "charges" towards you.

Sturdy handle: Comfortable knob for power cranking. On all models, the handle is counterbalanced for fast easy retrieves. All of these models have a soft grip handle knob which provide firm and comfortable grip, even if your hands are wet or slimy.

Proven Star Drag System: Powerful and smooth, Turn star wheel clockwise (down) for more drag, counter clockwise (up) for less drag. Fine threads on both star wheel and sleeve allow for an ultrawide range of drag settings.

Spool Tension Control is located on the centre of the right side this control regulates how easily the spool turns for casting.

Click warning device alerts the angler when line is going out. It is intended for use only as a signal.

Price:59.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

SF Line Offer

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