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Fladen Maxximus Lever Drag Fly Reel - #6

Fladen Maxximus Lever Drag Fly Reel - #6
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Was 119.95

A superb brand new 2005 Lever Drag fly reel from Fladen of Sweden. Supplied with comprehensive spares kit, and neoprene reel case. A top end fly reel for less than the price of many mid range reels.

- Machined bar stock body and spool
- Powerful lever drag system
- Left/right hand wind
- Fully encased drag system
- Anodised for salt or fresh water use
- AFTMA 6/7

Arbor Width
Arbor DiameterUsable Spool DiameterOverall Diameter
4WF4F + 75yds150gms24mm40mm65mm77mm
6WF6F + 100yds180gms25mm46mm75mm86mm
8WF8F + 150yds190gms25mm50mm85mm97mm
10WF10F + 250yds210gms35mm50mm85mm97mm
Please note that capacities are intended as a guide only, as these will obviously vary depending on individual line profiles and backing diameters

Price:102.07 (Including VAT at 20%)

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