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Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus Spinning Rods - Special Deal

Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus Spinning Rods - Special Deal
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Special deal - any size just 69.00

Fladen's new series of Spinning rods are built using their new nano technology. These rods are built with a new type of resin binder system, which means that they can use less material whilst creating a stronger and lighter rod. The fibers are more evenly distributed in the material which forms the blank, and are therefore less likely to fail under load.

A rod built with nano technology is up to 30% stronger than a rod built with a conventional resin system. This gives you increaced lifting power, better balance and a rod that is much lighter and more robust making it harder to break.

These rods have a high quality Fuji tip ring and reel seat for durability and are supplied in a padded cloth bag.

  • Maxximus Nano 2pc 2.4m ( 30 to 80 grams ): 87.99
  • Maxximus Nano 2pc 2.7m ( 30 to 80 grams ): 89.99
  • Maxximus Nano 2pc 2.7m ( 60 to 120 grams ): 89.99
  • Maxximus Nano 2pc 3.0m ( 30 to 80 grams ): 89.99
  • Maxximus Nano 2pc 3.0m ( 60 to 120 grams ): 94.99

    Fladen Maxximus Nano Boat Road Review - Total Sea Fishing (November 2012)

    Barney Wright looks at the new Nano technology from Swedish tackle giant Fladen, which certainly strikes a high note with him...

    Ever since the Solid Carbon range was introduced roughly three years ago - especially the Solid Carbon Gold - I have been watching what leaves Fladen's stable quite closely. I used the Gold for a couple of years and felt that it was a superb piece of kit that offered plenty of power, yet loads of feel and responsiveness. I caught many fish, some very big with rays in excess of 20lb, which certainly put a mighty, but controllable, bend in the blank. In fact, it went with me on every trip, even to Norway, until a very keen angler and boat angling buddy 'removed it' from me one day.

    I regret letting it go, but it's the only rod that the new owner uses on the boat now - so that's a positive. But I Wonder what he'll make of my new rod, the Maxximus Nano, which is better still!

    Rods For Jobs
    You might wonder what's so special about a boat rod, because perhaps all you need is a pole with a reel attached to it - there's no need for finesse. But I assure you that this isn't the case, because a good boat rod with feel will make the fishing 10 times more enjoyable.

    Let me give you an example of what I am talking about: I once went out and used a contraption called a hurdy-gurdy; this is pretty much a small bicycle wheel clamped to the gunnels, with a short section of rod a foot or so long and a tip ring attached as a line guide - bullying tactics or what! You can easily reel up three big cod at a time with one of these and feel nothing - it's no fun at all. My point is that I would rather have a light spinning rod, small reel and little lure to catch one cod of any size for sport any time!

    Clever Stuff!
    What Fladen has achieved is a 6ft 9inch rod that's as light as a feather - almost feeling like a short and light bass rod. At first I thought it was for scratching around for mini species - a delicate approach as it were. But the reality is that I had a 10lb to 20lb boat rod in my hands, which is comfortably capable of taming big cod! There's also an even beefier one at 20lb to 30lb class, and this will certainly tackle large congers... maybe even common skate. But that's a future test.

    To check out that 10lb/20lb class rod, I set sail aboard Wight Huntress in search of plaice, and lots of them. I could rattle on all day about how well the rod performed, but I will put it in short and simple terms - the rod is brilliant.
    As it's so light I held it all day, and I could sense everything that was going on at the sea bed through the rod tip - from the trace popping on the bottom to the inquiry and then the fantastic take from a plaice. Although the fish didn't stand a chance against the power of the rod, I could really feel the fight albeit assisted by the use of braid.

    Although I could easily tame a conger on this blank, the small fish were able to offer excellent sport - almost like I was scrapping them with a spinning rod. I also tussled with a couple of tope up to 10lb that day, and the fight with them was easy and most enjoyable - the rod absorbed any crash dives beautifully, yet allowed me to feel them too. It was also good to know that there was plenty of back up power in the blank for if I'd hooked a lunker!

    The power runs through the blank very well - the tip being the 10lb class part, with the power band flowing progressively through to the butt at 20lb (although I feel that it's even more).

    The blank is fitted with high quality guides, ergonomic Duplon hand grips and a screw winch reel seat. Although the apparently strange looking grips had me mystified at first as to why they were designed that way, after a day of holding the rod it became clear - they're simply very comfortable to grip as the lumps and bumps offer areas for the hand to settle nicely.

    If you're looking for a light and powerful blank that offers finesse and top sport, then the Maxximus Nano is a most worthy contender. For most species the 10lb/20lb version will be great, but if you're fancying bigger beasties then go for the 20lb/30lb.

    It will suit any level of angler and won't break the bank. I will be taking some of these rods to Norway - so watch this space! But, be assured, if you buy one of these you won't regret it.

    Product Innovation

    In a short space of time Swedish fishing giant Fladen has created quite a name for itself in the rod world thanks to its impressive Nano Tube resin technology. The company rolled out a range of boat rods a few short years ago and has wowed anglers around the globe with the properties of the nanotechnology used in them.

    The rods boasted increased strength plus lifting and shock-absorbing power. In fact, according to Fladen's own extensive testing and research the rods built with nanotechnology are up to 30 per cent stronger than rods built with a normal binder. The success of these boat rods has been so exponential for Fladen that the company now plans to roll out the technology in a whole new series of rods for general use and spinning.

    Per-Henrik Bengtsson, Fladen's owner, explains: "The rods are constructed with new nanotechnology incorporating a variety binder so less material is used, giving a stronger and lighter rod.

    "With the homogenous property of resin evenly distributed through the blade, a much better balanced effect is achieved. From a safety perspective, this also means that should the rod be incorrectly used, causing a breakage, the blank will not explode. So, any sharp edges that could cause an injury will be avoided."

    The nano rods are not expensive but are said to offer the quality that you would expect to find on a rod of a much higher price bracket. Per-Henrik adds: "The nanotechnology offers transverse-bending-tensile strength - sounds complicated, but this is what makes the rod have such power over other rods of the same length or action. It also pairs that with axialcompression tensile strength."

    The rods also have compression resistance, crack-propagation resistance, flexibility, fatigue resistance and shock resistance. Quite simply, the Maxximus Nano rods are built for the toughest fights that fish can throw at you. Besides the obvious advantages of the nanotechnology in these rods they also boast some of the best components available to complement the amazing fish-fighting strength of the blanks.

    The rod uses guides and reel seats from top Japanese component firm Fuji, which Fladen ensures completes the rod.

    In the sea and boat fishing scene the Maxximus Nano rods have obvious advantages when fishing for huge gamefish - their lifting power is outstanding. But when you transfer this technology across to rods in the spinning and general-use category, it means that anglers can use smaller and lighter rods with increased power, improving the overall fishing experience.

    Per-Henrik added: "We are excited about the prospect of rolling out the nanotechnology into more of our rods. The feedback on the Maxximus range has been phenomenal and we anticipate even better views on the more general range of rods."

    Whatever happens, Fladen has been one of the most successful companies at utilising nanotechnology in rods in its familiar sea market. But with the potential expansion of this technology into general-use rods, the freshwater market may have a new rod name to contend with.

  • Price:69.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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