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Fladen Maxximus Solid-C Boat Rods 6ft 6" - Damaged guide

Fladen Maxximus Solid-C Boat Rods 6ft 6
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Was 99.95

A superb new range of one piece 6ft 6" boat rods, built using revolutionary technology that has never been seen before. Obviously Fladen are being incredibly secretive about the exact material and manufacturing process, but as we understand it these rods are built around a Solid Carbon core.

What really matters though, is that these rods are truly awesome! For example, the tip diameter on the 50lb class model is a mere 2.5mm, and the heavy weight 60lb class weighs in at only 360gms. Incredible sensitivity in the tips, yet with tons of power throughout the rest of the blank. As you would expect, fitted with extremely high quality SIC guides - making them ideal for use with braided super lines.

We see literally hundreds of rods - and the truth is that we are impressed! Don't just take our word for it though, click on More Info and read the reviews that we have received so far.

This rod has a damaged or missing guide that will need replacing

NOTE: Only 1 available

Price:36.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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