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Fladen Maxximus Solid-C Boat Rods 8ft (2pc)

Fladen Maxximus Solid-C Boat Rods 8ft (2pc)
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RRP 119.95 to 129.95

Following on from the immense success of the 1 piece Solid-C 6ft 6" boat rods, Fladen have now launched this brand new 8ft 2 piece model.

Built using revolutionary technology that has never been seen before. Obviously Fladen are being incredibly secretive about the exact material and manufacturing process, but as we understand it these rods are built around a Solid Carbon core

Top quality high performance rods, at a bargain basement price while stocks last! Please choose size from the drop down list.

For every one of these rods purchased, we will offer you the chance to add the superb Fladen Maxximus 422 3BB Multiplier Reel at a very special price of only £45.00 ( See our Multiplier Reels section for details )

Price:69.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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