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Fladen Vantage Hi-Carbon 7ft Boat Rod - Save 40%

Fladen Vantage Hi-Carbon 7ft Boat Rod - Save 40%
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Normally 29.95

These are a superb new range of excellent value rods for 2006. Built on Fladen's new Carbon 86 blank - basically these blanks are 86% Carbon and 14% hi-tec modified fibre glass. Carbon is legendary for its strength, lightness, and tip recovery - however it is easily damaged by light impact. By blending the fibre glass with the carbon fibres, Fladen have produced a rod that will handle just a bit more abuse than normal carbon rods.

  • Minimal weight increase over full carbon
  • Robust 2 piece blank construction
  • Quality guides and fittings throughout
  • Includes Gimbal Mount
  • Supplied in cloth bag
  • Designed for use with Multiplier Reels
  • Rating: 20 - 30 lbs

Price:17.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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