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Flo n' Go Fuel Siphon - Blowout

Flo n' Go Fuel Siphon - Blowout
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Scepter's Flo n' go Superflo fuel siphon pumps fuel in any direction for easy, clean fill-ups in hard-to-reach fuel tanks. At-the-handle pump control allows for auto shut-off and restarts, as well as clean, hassle-free siphon control.

The Superflo model will pump up to 3.7 liters a minute so is ideal for smaller engines including outboards, lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws, generators, blowers, edgers, snow throwers, or any small engine that requires refueling.

Safety Shut Off Valve
Design completely seals internal gas pressure and vapors when closed and self vents when opened. Convenient pump holder handle.

Patented Gas Pump
At the handle pump control allows for auto shut off and re-start as well as clean hassle free siphon control. Child safety lock included.

Superior Filling Convenience
Pumps gas upward for easy, clean fill ups in hard to reach places.

Price:14.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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