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Fulling Mill Scorpion SeaRigs - 3 Hook Flapper 1 Down 2 Up Rig

Fulling Mill Scorpion SeaRigs - 3 Hook Flapper 1 Down 2 Up Rig
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With help from some top international sea fishermen, and using only the finest quality components available, we have used decades of manufacturing experience to design and assemble a range of shore fishing rigs to help you present your bait more effectively
and efficiently.

These premium rigs are designed to cover most of your essential shore fishing requirements.

  • Hand knotted for optimum reliability
  • Anti tangle chameleon monofilament
  • Super sharp, super strong hooks
  •  Individually tested for strength
  • Finest quality components
  • Tried, tested and trusted by experts

    Classic 1 Down 2 Up - 3 Hook Flapper Rig, part of Fulling Mill's superb Scorpion range of rigs. Made from top quality components, and superbly tied to Fulling Mill's famously high standard.

    Review by Paul Fenech, Sea Angler magazine...
    Article in full can be read at: http://www.tacklebargains.co.uk/reviews/FullingMillScorpion.pdf

    Off-the-shelf rigs are nothing new, in fact the dedicated following they have is huge, especially from anglers who, for whatever reason, can’t construct their own.

    Trouble is, though, some can be very poor. Handing over cash for a rig that has dodgy knots, incorrect dimensions and a dangerously low breaking strain mono can and will lead to catastrophic consequences, and I’m not talking about the lack of fish-catching qualities.

    Some ready-tied rigs are very good and many newcomers to the sport use them, study them and end up copying them. A new selection of ready-tied shore rigs is about to hit the shelves of tackle shops from Fulling Mill, a company normally associated with game angling through distributing a huge range of flies. It appears to have done its homework well in a drive into the sea market with its Scorpion brand of rigs. Thanks to advice from Clive Vedmore, former Welsh shore team manager and now shop manager of Garry Evans Tackle in
    Newport, the first notable box ticked is the use of genuine components.

    All rigs are built using Maxima Chameleon line, Gemini clips, links and beads, Kamasan and Mustad hooks and Breakaway Impact Shields. Add high quality black copper crimps and British-built swivels and there is no question that optimum efficiency and performance are high on the list. My only grumble would be that the rig body breaking strain is 50lb. Although it’s a well-known fact that Maxima Chameleon line is one of the strongest available, I would still prefer to see 60lb or even 70lb used.


    I am impressed by the full range of shore rigs available. Knots are of exceptional quality with grinners used and, to be honest, it really looks as though they have been tied by someone who actually understands how to create a decent knot - and I’m happy to
    report not a pig-tail in sight.

    Designed and quality-checked by Clive himself, I reckon we can expect the arrival of multi-hook clipped versions and bait stops on the hook-snoods very soon.

    Fulling Mill Scorpion Shore Rigs certainly get the nod of approval from me. In my opinion these are the best readymade rigs available. I can’t wait to use them this winter.

  • Price:2.45 (Including VAT at 20%)

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