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Fulling Mill Weight Forward Floating Line - Sold without Box - Massive Savings!!!

Fulling Mill Weight Forward Floating Line - Sold without Box - Massive Savings!!!
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RRP 39.95 - Very Limited Stock

Consistently rated by top anglers, these modern lines and traditional tapers are designed to provide exxcellent performance and presentation without the gimmicks and at exceptional value. Armed with these lines you are ready for most if your fresh water fishing requirements.

A superior grade, low stretch braided core forms the essential foundation for our lines, providing excellent sensitivity with imperceptible drag and resistance for superb casting and line presentation. Coated with the finest quality, silky slick PVC finish, the hi-tech coating helps the line glide through your rod rings and enhances loop control for optimal distance and accuracy casting. Every line has a unique profile to provide modern day fly fishers with optimum presentation, helping you to cast with confidence every time.

The Weight Forward Floating lines remain a firm favourite with everyone using it. The subtle yellow means that it is perfectly visible in all conditions, this super slick high floating line has a superb taper helping you present flies effortlessly, accurately and at distance where required.

  • Weight Forward Floating Line
  • Length: 90 ft
  • Colour: Pale Yellow

    We have just a few of these superb new lines that are being sold without a box. The lines themselves are in perfect condition and unused but some are not fitted with factory loops. Grab a bargain while stocks last!

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  • Price:13.22 (Including VAT at 20%)

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