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G3 Rocket Stove ( G3300 )

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Stainless Steel 'Trekker' Kelly Kettle (0.57 litres / 1 pint) - Save 17 Replacement Fire Brick / Hearth for G3 Rocket Stove

G3 Rocket Stove ( G3300 )

Tacklebargains Price: 74.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Add Replacement Fire Brick / Hearth ( + £10.00 ):

The next generation of rocket stoves. The G3 Rocket has an alloy combustion chamber, lightweight insulation, and sturdy cast-iron pot support. Exceptionally clean burn and high performance rocket stove.

The G3 Rocket Stove is a camping stove powered by sticks, which burns more cleanly, efficiently and hotter than a conventional open fire. It is also very easy to light, highly transportable and versatile, and robust. It is a superb compact stove, embodying superlative combustion performance and great design.

The G3 stove complements conventional rocket stove design with a US-patented metal alloy combustion chamber for longer life and lightweight insulation for lower weight and high performance. A rim on the inside of the combustion chamber slows combustion gases as they travel up the insulated stove body, creating turbulence, further mixing with oxygen, and more complete combustion. Rocket science at your finger tips.

The stove has been developed by Envirofit for use in developing countries to address the problems of smoke exposure, and to reduce the climate-change impact of wood use by substantially reducting woodfuel consumption. As such, it is built to last, and tests in the factory have shown the combustion chamber to last many years.

Never run out of fuel again, and discover the pleasure of cooking on the ultimate in free, zero-waste fuel with this carbon-friendly stove.

Performance, durability and looks make the G3 Rocket the ultimate in wood-powered cooking stoves. This stove sees various improvements over its predecessors, including:

  • EnviroFlame Combusion System (ECS), achieving cleaner, hotter combustion
  • Durable metal-alloy combustion chamber giving exceptionally long life
  • Improved supports for fuelwood
  • 25% lighter due to low-density insulation
  • Stronger, cool-touch handles

    Outstanding performance compared with an open fire:
  • Reduces smoke and harmful gasses by up to 80%
  • Reduces wood fuel use by up to 60%
  • Reduces cooking time by up to 50%

    [Stove: 28cm high; 26cm max diameter. Packaged in strong cardboard hexagonal stackable nesting box with plastic handles, bearing high-quality printed images of stove and accessories. Gross boxed weight 5070g.]

    NOTE: The boxes on these are not great. They look like a carrying box BUT they are actually far too flimsy for this purpose ( we know from experience ) Great Stoves, crap boxes !!!!

    What do the experts think?

    Experts have tested and cooked on the G3 Rocket Stoves for many hours in the last few months and are very impressed. As with other rocket stoves, you can expect easy lighting (ready to cook on within a minute or so with reasonably dry wood); high combustion efficiency (uses a fraction of the wood of an open fire); and little or no smoke. It's 25% lighter than similar rocket stoves, so easier to transport on picnics.

    Optional wind shield

    The optional windshield adds around 25% efficiency to the performance of this stove by protecting the flames from wind and directing heat up the sides of the cooking pot or kettle. The 'iris' design means it fits around many shapes and sizes of pots - highly recommended to help you get the best out of your stove. You can select this from the drop-down options above.

    Replacement Fire Brick / Hearth
    These are replacement Fire Bricks for the G3 Rocket Stove, not a standard accessory but a very high quality after market replacement which is significantly less brittle than the original. These are made from Micalite ™ Vermiculite board, these are also lighter in weight than the original and are rated to withstand temperatures of at least 1100 degrees celsius.

  • Tacklebargains Price: 74.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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