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Genuine Rapala Weedless Minnow Spoon ( 10cm )

Genuine Rapala Weedless Minnow Spoon ( 10cm )
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This unique design combines the silhouette of a shiner minnow with the rolling, flashing action of a spoon. Designed to fish weedless, the Minnow Spoon can be fished with or without a trailer. It will not spin or twist your line even at faster retrieval rates.
Designed to catch fish on the drop, the Minnow Spoon glides downward with a fishcatching wounded minnow action. Equally effective when used with normal cast and retrieve methods, with deadly action on the drop.

  • Lure Length: 10cm
  • Lure Weight: 32 grams

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  • Price:6.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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