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Ghost Cocoon Bait Thread / Elastic in Bulk (50)

Ghost Cocoon Bait Thread / Elastic in Bulk (50)
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RRP 2.99 each

Ghost Cocoon is the next generation of Bait Thread. It is incredibly versatile! The Standard and Bait Elastic excel where delicate presentations are required, and is a great choice for use with semi-frozen soft baits. The Heavy Bait Thread is ideal for establishing a firm foundation for building big baits

220 metres of Thread in the Cocoon for Standard and Elasticated, 60 metres of Thread for Heavy.

Please click More Info for to find out why Ghost Cocoon should be the only Bait Thread in your tackle box!

Available for just 1.50 (plus VAT) per spool in Bulk Packs of 50 - Please choose type from the drop down list.

Price:90.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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