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Grandeslam 50" Deluxe Fishing Umbrella Brolly ( 6702 )

Grandeslam 50
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Large enough to keep you and your tackle covered and to keep you dry in the heaviest rain. This fishing brolly is ideal for the Carp and Beach angler, compact enough to fit in all holdalls and quivers an absolute essential for all anglers.

50" this brolly is easy to transport, simple to erect and packs away small.
The perfect option for those on a budget, those who demand their brolly keeps them dry and shielded from wind.

50" Deluxe Umbrella
Deluxe Material
Heavy Duty Deluxe Material 50".
Fully Waterproof with Removable Centre pole .
Complete with Cover Sleeve.

Price:39.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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