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Grandeslam F1 Genius 11ft Pellet Waggler Rod

Grandeslam F1 Genius 11ft Pellet Waggler Rod
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This F1 Pellet Waggler Rod is made from the same (Dual core) Carbon, as are all rods in this fantastic range. With all of the strength to handle the largest of fish on the shorter rods preferred on commercials and other smaller waters these days, but at half the weight of other similar rods.

The balance of this rod is truly stunning, reasonably stiff action when striking to catch those shy fish bites but a lovely through action, once the fish is hooked. Designed by a "GENIUS" where only the best will do.

A fabulous padded rod sleeve is also included.

Line Rating 2.5lb-6lb

Price:40.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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