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Grandslam Pellet Pumps - Save over 30%

Grandslam Pellet Pumps - Save over 30%
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  • High Impact toughened plastic.
  • Visual pressure tamper valve.
  • Super fast high power suction pump.
  • Ideal for the preparation of dry pellets for use as hookers.

    Simply fill the container half full of water add a measure of pellets. Seal the lid and pump the air out with the enclosed suction pump. Leave for 10 mins then depress the centre button to allow air back into the container. At this point you will see the pellets sinking and ready for use on the hook. Also makes a great fresh seal container for many other baits including casters, boilies and sweetcorn.

    Plus the unique date control dial on the lid lets you set what day and month you sealed the container. Can also be used to draw flavour into boilies when mixed with water.

  • Large sized pellet pumps.
  • Capacity 1.8 Litre: RRP: 11.99
  • Capacity 2.7 Litre: RRP: 13.99
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