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Halco Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker Lure - Save 20%

Halco Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker Lure - Save 20%
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The Halco Roosta is the ultimate modern popper design with significant new innovations that improve the action and stability of this spectacular surface lure. The head design which is wide at the top transfers to a widened tail end section. This unique design creates a popper that is ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop start bloop with exceptional splash. It also minimises cartwheeling on the retrieve and the rattle ensures significant noise coupled with the heavy water spraying

Make hay and wake slumbering saltwater beasts with the impressive surface action the Halco Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker creates. Designed for catching some of the toughest fish that swim, from giant trevally to dogtooth tuna, the Roosta Popper is built with extra heavy-duty, custom made 7xx fish rings and is equipped with Mustad® 5xx, 5/0 treble hooks. The Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker’s wide head design transitions to a widened tail which improves action and overall stability. This cutting edge body design also minimizes cart wheeling, while making the Roosta Haymaker the perfect surface popper for a blooping style retrieve, fast retrieve or trolling. The amazing, water-spraying surface action is coupled with a noisy rattle to ensure the Roosta Popper Haymaker is seen, heard and hammered!

When casting poppers always allow a few seconds after the lures has hit the water before you commence your retrieve. This allows the lure to find its correct buoyancy and resting position in the water prior to retrieving. Commencing the retrieve the moment the lure hits the water often finds the lure not behaving correctly for the first couple of metres. Often this is the critical strike zone.

  • Made to wake slumbering saltwater beasts from giant trevally to dogtooth tuna
  • Produces spectacular surface action
  • Unique design minimizes car wheeling
  • Ideal for straight fast retrieve, blooping technique and trolling
  • Rattle ensures significant noise
  • Built with extra heavy-duty, 7xx rings and with Mustad® 5xx, 5/0 trebles
  • Size: 7.6 inches ( 195mm )
  • Weight: 4.12 oz ( 117 grams )

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  • Price:22.36 (Including VAT at 20%)

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