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Halco Skim Stick 185 Lure

Halco Skim Stick 185 Lure
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The Skim Stick from Halco is a hybrid cross between a skittering popper and a stickbait, and superbly imitates a long, narrow profiled baitfish fleeing along the surface from predators.

Ideal for long casting and slow trolling, the Skim Stick skitters along the top of the water with just a simple, steady retreive, often resulting in fantastic strikes from Mackerel, Trevally and a host of other species.

The Halco Skim Stick is available in a range of fantastic colour finishes, measures 185mm, weighs in at 70g and comes fitted with Japanese Decoy 5/0 inline single hooks as standard. 1 per pack.

Please choose colour from the drop down menu above.

Price:15.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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