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Halco Sorceror 150 Crankbait Lure - Save 40%

Halco Sorceror 150 Crankbait Lure - Save 40%
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RRP 12.49

The ultimate cast and retrieve lure with unique tight action and body roll that will mesmerise many species of sports fish. Featuring a light rattle and clear bib with Halco's Bullet proof bib securing system for added strength when clearing snags.

Halco’s Bullet proof bibs are pretty tough (polycarbonate is used in bullet proof glass)!!! Combined with a unique, glueless locking method, these lures stay put. Glueing bibs is a quick fix they leave to their
competitors - over time glue solvents can weaken plastic till it snaps. These lures work and keep working, with a bib that’s locked in tight for a good fight.

Length: 150mm
Dives to appx 3.5 mts
Hooks: Mustad Trebles
Type: Crankbait

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Price:7.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

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