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Halco Sorceror 35 Floating Lure - Save 45%

Halco Sorceror 35 Floating Lure - Save 45%
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RRP 8.99

This small lure is the suspending version, ideal use in shallow flats country for a very natural presentation to the fish.

Troll it at 0.5 to 4 knots or cast, trying steady and erratic retrieves for best results.
When successfully catching fish, try crushing the barbs on your hooks with a pair of pliers. The positives of such a move are that you can release fish back to the water with a minimum of harm, hooking fish is easier and if you happen to get a hook stuck in you or someone else it’s easy to remove.however the best way to avoid this is to ensure that the line never loses tension once the fish is hooked.

Halco’s Bullet proof bibs are pretty tough (polycarbonate is used in bullet proof glass)!!! Combined with a unique, glueless locking method, these lures stay put. Glueing bibs is a quick fix they leave to their
competitors - over time glue solvents can weaken plastic till it snaps. These lures work and keep working, with a bib that’s locked in tight for a good fight.

Length: 35mm
Weight: 2.8 grams
Hooks: Mustad Trebles
Type: Trolling / Casting

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Price:4.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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