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Halco Tilsan Bass 55 Timber Lure - Save 45%

Halco Tilsan Bass 55 Timber Lure - Save 45%
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RRP 9.49

The Bass is a crash diving neutrally buoyant lure. This means in an average cast you will get the lure immediately down to 3.5metres (down to 4.5 metres trolling). This gets the lure in the strike zone very quickly and once there it can be held there for a long time by slowing the retrieve and twitching the lure. Because it is neutrally buoyant, the lure can be totally stopped for a second or two before another short retrieve is carried out.

Many anglers have experienced the fustration of eyes and or frames pulling out of timber lures whilst hooked to a fish. Tilsan have solved this problem with their unique "Centreline Design" The lure is constructed around a flat stainless steel frame. It helps keep the lure intact during fights with big fish as well as ensuring that the line is always connected to the hooks by the stainless steel frame.

Halco’s Bullet proof bibs are pretty tough (polycarbonate is used in bullet proof glass)!!! Combined with a unique, glueless locking method, these lures stay put. Glueing bibs is a quick fix they leave to their
competitors - over time glue solvents can weaken plastic till it snaps. These lures work and keep working, with a bib that’s locked in tight for a good fight.

Length: 55mm
Weight: 10 grams
Body: Timber
Hooks: Mustad Trebles

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Price:5.21 (Including VAT at 20%)

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