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Halco Tilsan Minnow 55 Timber Lure - Save 50%

Halco Tilsan Minnow 55 Timber Lure - Save 50%
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RRP 9.49

Tilsan lures are made from hand selected timber. Like many things in nature, the timber varies. Differing densities cause some lures to sink or float more than others. You can fine tune the buoyancy by using slightly lighter or heavier hooks and rings. Remember about 0.5grams will make the difference between sinking and floating, so only fine changes are needed. Further, the salinity of the water greatly affects a lure’s ability to float.

This lure has the natural profile of a minnow style baitfish and action that elicits strikes from most small predatory fish. Being both cast and trolled, the Minnow works well in all situations, however it is when the lure is stopped and twitched that its true colours show. Try placing the lure in a strike zone around a structure and stop the lure, it neither sinks nor floats. Then twitch it slowly and continue a slow retrieve remembering to stop the lure often. Fish cannot resist this lure when used to the best of its ability.

Halco’s Bullet proof bibs are pretty tough (polycarbonate is used in bullet proof glass)!!! Combined with a unique, glueless locking method, these lures stay put. Glueing bibs is a quick fix they leave to their
competitors - over time glue solvents can weaken plastic till it snaps. These lures work and keep working, with a bib that’s locked in tight for a good fight.

Length: 55mm
Weight: 6 grams
Body: Timber
Hooks: Mustad Trebles

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Price:4.74 (Including VAT at 20%)

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