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Hardy Trout Poly tips - Save up to 20%

Hardy Trout Poly tips - Save up to 20%

Hardy Poly tips carry on from where your fly line tip stops so extend your fly line all the way down to the tippet for the ultimate in fly depth control. Unlike the heavy tips of sink tip fly lines which are inclined to "hinge" during casting Hardy Poly tips are dense enough to achieve the required sink speed but light enough to form a seamless loop during casting. The turnover is simply superb.

The butt of the poly tip is ready looped for easy attachment to your fly line so all that is required is to simply attach your choice of tippet to the pre stripped nylon tip section of the Poly tip.

Recomended for lines 6-9 and tippets up to 12lb

Buy one for £7.99 or a pack of all 3 (one of each density) for just £18 - a saving of over 20% - Please choose from the drop down list

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