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JRC Ultracast Carp Rods - Last few to clear

JRC Ultracast Carp Rods - Last few to clear
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The Ultracast carp rod series are made of an extremely thin high modulus carbon blank, with fast recovery for longer precision casting and a responsive tip for better hookholds. This rod is fitted with SIC guides and a 20mm reel seat. These rods are certainly going to be a winner.

The New Ultracast Spod and Marker rods from JRC. A matt black finish, high grade sic rings and a stainless butt cap. The Spod Rod has a 4.5lb test curve to build up enough power to cast the biggest spods. The Marker rod has a very stiff blank that feels the lake bed perfectly.

  • High modulus Carbon blank
  • High grade SIC guides
  • 20 mm - reel mount
  • Rubber grip and stainless butt cap
  • 2 piece Blank Construction

    Rod Length
    Rod Weight
    Rod Class
    Travel Length
    ULTRACAST Spod 4.5lb
    360 cm
    419 grams
    4.5 lb
    186 cm
    ULTRACAST 12ft 2.75lb
    360 cm
    345 grams
    2.75 lb
    186 cm
    ULTRACAST 12ft 3.00lb
    360 cm
    359 grams
    3.00 lb
    186 cm
    ULTRACAST 12ft 3.25lb
    360 cm
    365 grams
    3.25 lb
    186 cm
    ULTRACAST Marker
    360 cm
    369 grams
    186 cm

  • Price:54.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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