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Jim Teeny Pro Series - Dave Whitlock Fly Line - Save 30%

Jim Teeny Pro Series - Dave Whitlock Fly Line - Save 30%

RRP 54.95

Dave Whitlock, an author, lecturer and fly pattern designer, has designed a line primarily for bass fishing but also works well on large trout. The taper of this fly line allows you to cast large flies in windy situations. "Through a lifetime of fly fishing experience, I have learned how extremely important the fly line is while fishing for bass and other large fresh and saltwater predators. This advanced bass line is a uniquely tapered, weight forward line that is designed for success at this demanding, big fly, quick presentation, pinpoint accuracy type of fly casting."

Streams, Rivers & Lakes - Great line for large flies - Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Shad, Bass, Bluegill

  • Model: PRODWF
  • Type: Floating Medium Weight
  • Colour: Chartreuse

Jim Teeny describing the Dave Whitlock Line line:

This video requires Windows Media Player - you can download it from here

Price:39.28 (Including VAT at 20%)

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