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Jim Teeny Tip Taper Sinking Fly Line - Save 25%

Jim Teeny Tip Taper Sinking Fly Line - Save 25%

RRP 59.95

The tip section is more heavily weighted which allows the tip to drop faster than the rest of the line. The whole purpose of the line is to help eliminate the use of added lead or weight in most situations. It cast quite nicely and you can definitely feel the tip going down first as you fish. In situations of deep waters or stronger currents this fly line should deliver your fly with less line drag in the water. It works very well in both fresh and saltwater situations.

Available in:

  • #6-8: Light Blue, 5.5IPS Sink Rate
  • #7-10: Yellow, 6IPS Sink Rate

    Jim Teeny describing the Tip Taper Line line:

    This video requires Windows Media Player - you can download it from here

  • Price:45.91 (Including VAT at 20%)

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