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John Wilson Tideline Travel Bass Rod - Spare Sections

John Wilson Tideline Travel Bass Rod - Spare Sections
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With a maximum section length of under 30 inches, the Tideline Trevel Bass is the perfect rod for the travelling saltwater angler - whether fishing at home or abroad.

While designed for bass fishing, the rod is actually an excellent tool for all light beach and estuary work as well as for fishing from rock marks or harbour walls with float gear or lures. Suitable for fixed spool or multiplier use. Ringed with ceramic lined guides for a long lasting performance. Full cork handle and chunky, corrosion resistant screw winch fitting. Recommended casting weight is 3oz.

Choose required section from the drop down list. Sections are numbered in ascending order from Tip to Butt - ie. Section next to the tip is section 2

Please Note: To avoid confusion, the picture of this product is for illustration only. As per the title / options you are ordering the specified section only - NOT the complete rod. If you are looking for the complete rod, you are in the wrong place - Spare Fishing Rod Sections are not complete rods. If you have just realised that it is not a rod section you require, but actually in fact a complete rod, then please take a look in the Fishing Rods sections.

Price:15.65 (Including VAT at 20%)

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