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Lefty Kreh Series One / Signature Fly Rod - 2 piece

Lefty Kreh Series One / Signature Fly Rod - 2 piece

Available in models:

8ft 6" #5
A versatile medium light line rod designed for fishing dries and nymphs in sizes 8 - 18. They are the lightest line weight rods designed for both floating and intermediate lines.

9ft #5
The most popular and versatile line weight for trout fishing. Ideal for dry flies, nymphs and adaptable to a wide range of casting distances and weather conditions. A great all rounder for river and small still water fishing.

8ft 6" & 9ft #6
Designed for bigger rivers and larger lakes when using larger dry files, nymphs and lures. #6 weights are comfortable and easy to cast with floating or sinking lines in most weather conditions. Also excellent for calm conditions in saltwater for spooky fish.

Price:79.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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