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Luhr Jensen Floating Power Minnow Lure

Luhr Jensen Floating Power Minnow Lure
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If bass are determined to be in a subsurface feeding mode, this is where a floating /diving minnow can be deadly. The Floating Power Minnow is made to float at rest, then dive a few feet under the surface on the retrieve ( Dives 5 to 7 feet ).

This particular lure is highly effective on a straight "chuck-and-wind" or when gently "twitched" slightly below or on the surface. Another way to fish the Minnow in a subsurface fashion is to make long sweeps with the rod to quickly drive the plug down. In between sweeps, the Minnow will start to float to the surface. This is when you may expect strikes to occur. This process is
known as "rippin". You might also want to innovate, using a combination of a "jerk", "twitch" and "rip" to generate strikes with these lures from otherwise disinterested fish.

Floating Power Minnows are available in two sizes, 3-3/8 inch and 4-1/2 inch, which allows you to match a lake's prominent baitfish size.

Price:6.07 (Including VAT at 20%)

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