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Matzuo Sickle Hooks - Salmon / Steelhead Dropshot Assortment (42 piece kit)

Matzuo Sickle Hooks - Salmon / Steelhead Dropshot Assortment (42 piece kit)
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Matzuo Sickle Hooks... "Amazingly Effective!"... "Deadly Hook Design"

Professional and sport anglers alike have heralded Matzuo's Sickle Hook as "the first major breakthrough in terminal tackle design in decades".

After exhaustive field testing, the Matzuo Sickle Hook has proven superior to common hook styles in both penetration and holding ability. Rather than the rounded curve found on most ordinary fish hooks, the Sickle style relies on several more acute angles to complete the 180 degree turn of the shank between eye and point. This provides great strength, even with a smaller diameter high carbon wire, allowing faster penetration. The sharp curves of the shank greatly reduce the instance of fish "throwing the hook" on a slack line or while jumping.

Matzuo Sickle Hooks are available for your favourite species and fishing style, and feature incredibly sharp, needle honed points. Advanced tempering techniques permit these perfectly hardened points to be touched-up with a hook file if damaged. Good fishing!

  • 42 Hooks
  • Sizes 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0
  • Black Chrome and Blood Red Color

    These are a strong, light weight hook with a reversed eye making them ideal for drop shot fishing

  • Price:12.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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