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Mel Krieger's The Essence of FlyCasting (DVD)

Mel Krieger's The Essence of FlyCasting (DVD)
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A comprehensive, in- depth instructional Basics program.

This modern DVD manual has it all. Every important facet of casting is dealt with, from the basics of good hand position to the complexities of fly presentation and the double haul. Fishing sequences for trout, bonefish and silver salmon in the Bahamas, Oregon, Florida and Alaska add to the excitement. An inspiring instructional demonstration by Mel, the international acknowledged master.

Requires Multi-Regional DVD Player
(Region 1 DVD)

- An Introduction to Spey Casting
- A complete fly fishing glossary.
- Mel’s Reminders.
- Fly Fishing Moments
A medley of music and visuals created by Michael Wanger, a 3 time Emmy Award nominee.

"Photography, editing, overall production ... and especially its vivacious teacher... make the Essence of Flycasting the best fly fishing video so far"

Fly Fisherman Magazine

Price:25.48 (Including VAT at 20%)

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