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Micro Braid - The Next Generation - Save over 30%

Micro Braid - The Next Generation - Save over 30%
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This is brand new next generation floating round body Micro Braid, designed by Climax with the competition and match angler in mind and made in Germany. Claimed to be one of the thinnest braids on the market, with exceptional breaking strength, high abrasion resistance, and knot strength. Thermo heated for zero stretch. Colour is Dark Grey.

This has received First class reviews in top magazines... just check out the diameters!

Available in:
100m spools RRP £14.95 - TB Price £10.00
300m spools RRP £34.95 - TB Price £24.00

Spools available joined up to a maximum of five.

BS (lb) BS (kg) Diameter
19 lb8.7 kg0.06mm
19.4 lb8.8 kg0.07mm
20 lb9.2 kg0.08mm
25 lb11.2 kg0.10mm
28 lb12.7 kg0.12mm
34 lb15.5 kg0.14mm
42 lb19 kg0.18mm
61 lb27.7 kg0.22mm

Length / Size

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