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Milbro Style Catapult Blank - Small Size

Milbro Style Catapult Blank - Small Size
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Precision laser cut Aluminium Catapult blanks, based on the no longer available Milbro Catapult. These are cut from 6mm Aluminium sheet (same thickness as the original Milbro), and being laser cut are perfectly flat ready for fitting of what ever handle scales you choose.

As these are blanks, edges are unfinished - so can be customised to your exact requirements.

This Small Size model is scaled down from the original Milbro size by 10%

  • Length: 126mm
  • Outer Fork Width: 60mm
  • Inner Fork Width: 34mm
  • Elastic Hole Diameter: 7mm

    All Sizes approx

  • Price:10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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