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Mitchell Universe Pro Assorted Rod Clearance

Mitchell Universe Pro Assorted Rod Clearance
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A great quality series of rods from Mitchell. The series for everyone! This wide range includes models specifically designed for predator fishing, trout, and many techniques that are practiced in the sea, whether the surfcasting or boat fishing. This Universe Pro range replaces the old Universe series which was a great success in the market over the past three years. Mitchell wanted to add a few small changes by using the very latest technology whilst maintaining the original spirit of the Universe line. For this the rod has been refined in all ways, from the rod performance to the blank graphics. Finally, the cork handles have been designed to be extra smooth for easier use and more enjoyable fishing.

We have a selection of oddments (new old stock etc.) to clear. To save time, these are available all at one great price, choose from the drop down menu above.

Price:25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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