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NGT Ambassador 8m Take Apart Pole in bulk (10)

NGT Ambassador 8m Take Apart Pole in bulk (10)
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The NGT Ambassador 8 metre pole with put over joints for easy & smooth breaking down.

The pole will comfortably take up to no.16 elastic making it an ideal margin pole.

  • Slim, lightweight, stiff & responsive. (not telescopic)
  • Closed Length: 115 cm.
  • Beautifully balanced very easy to handle.
  • Made from glass/carbon composite.

    This pole is ideal for accurate fishing in match situations. (This is a take apart pole, with the top two sections being telescopic. They are not, but can be elasticated.)

    Available for just 10.00 (plus VAT) each in Bulk Packs of 10.

  • Price:120.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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