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Nano 40+ Plus Nantec Fly Rod - Last Few to Clear

Nano 40+ Plus Nantec Fly Rod - Last Few to Clear
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Last Few to Clear - Save 20% - RRP 99.99

Each 40+ Nan-Tec rod comes with two tip sections. Each with a different stiffness to effectively give you two rods for the price of one. The stiffer, faster tip is designed for maximum distance and for use with high density sinking lines, whilst the slightly smoother, softer tip is a great alternative for top of the water fishing when a little more finesse is required.

All rods feature Airflo's unique Nano technology to give you a range of rods that exhibit incredible strength to weight ratios.

  • Technology: Nano Technology for Improved Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Handle: Full Wells Grade A Cork with High Density EVA Butt
  • Reel Seat: Triangle Reel Seat in Black Anodised Aluminium with Blue Carbon Insert
  • Color: Metallic Blue
  • Rings: Oversize Pac Bay Butt, with Oversize Snake Tip & Intermediates
  • Tube: Cordura Tube in Blue

  • Price:79.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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