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Partridge Captain Hamilton Dry Fly Hooks ( YL3A )

Partridge Captain Hamilton Dry Fly Hooks ( YL3A )
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The finest dry fly hook Partridge have ever made. Almost round forged Hamilton bend. Wide gape.

Available in Packs of 25 for only 2.50 or save even more with a Pack of 100 for just 8.32

Captain Hamilton was a Scot who emigrated to New Zealand in about 1860. He fished regularly over there having stocked his nearby river with trout in about 1875. The fish in the New Zealand river grew to average over 2lb in weight. (He compares this with 132 trout taken on a fly in his youth - total weight just over 30lbs!).

In 1904 Captain Hamilton published a book on 'Trout Fishing and Sport in Maoriland'. Shortly afterwards he approached Hardy’s for them to supply a new range of hooks for the large trout in New Zealand.

The main features of the hooks were:
  • An almost round bend
  • Point with neat barb
  • A wider gape to take a larger 'bite' and hold the fish better

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