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Penn Coastal Reel Seats ( 27mm ) - in Bulk (20)

Penn Coastal Reel Seats ( 27mm ) - in Bulk (20)

RRP 14.99

The original adjustable reel seat which locks in place by tightening the the two colars at each end. Fitted as standard on Penn's surf rods and should fit any rod with a paralel butt.

A reel held securely by a lightweight screw winch fitting can really inspire confidence. However, finding the ideal position for it on the rod to suit all anglers is another matter, until now that is. Just think, a truly adjustably lightweight winch fitting with built in grips that can move up or down the rod to suit just about everybody!

Available in Bulk Packs of 20 Reel Seats for just 3.50 (plus VAT) per Reel Seat.

Price:84.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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