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Penn Fishing - Dynabraid Wave Blaster - in bulk (12)

Penn Fishing - Dynabraid Wave Blaster - in bulk (12)

RRP 24.95

Penn Dynabraid is specially braided from ultra strong Dyneema SK65 to provide phenomenal strength diameter ratio. Up to 50% thinner than equivalent strength nylon monofilament lines. This substantially reduced diameter allows the use of much lighter weights and terminal tackle for superior bite detection. Penn Dynabraid has virtually no stretch so it does not kink or maintain the spool coiling effect sometimes associated with nylon monofilament lines.

This low line memory coupled with low diameter puts the fisherman in direct contact with the fish and allows faster strike reaction and unparalleled hooking. Once the fish is on, almost every move it makes is felt at the rod tip.

Penn Dynabraid has superb UV resistance and very high abrasion resistance providing a longer usable life.

  • Kevlar based braided line for heavy duty sea fishing
  • Light Blue
  • Low Diameter - High Strength
  • No line memory
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High salt water resistance

    Available in individual display packs, at just 6.00 (plus VAT) each in Bulk Packs of 12

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  • Price:86.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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