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Penn GLD30 II Graph-Lite Lever Drag Reel ( 1151063 ) - Last few to clear - save over 25%

Penn GLD30 II Graph-Lite Lever Drag Reel ( 1151063 ) - Last few to clear - save over 25%
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RRP: 388.99 - Made in USA

Penn’s Graph-Lite Lever Drag Reels are molded from lightweight, but incredibly strong Penn graphite composite, which allows the frame to retain significantly greater strength, especially important when fighting large gamefish. Due to this increased frame strength, Penn Graph-Lite Lever-Drag reels have a reputation for being the strongest, most reliable lightweight lever drags on the market. And unlike competing Graphite Lever-Drag reels, Penn's don’t have a reputation for ripping apart under the load of a big fish (and in a few cases of their competitor’s product, even small fish). Penn Graph-Lite Lever Drag (GLD) Reels are an excellent choice for anglers looking for a lightweight, reliable, and incredibily smooth Big Game reel.

The Penn GLD has quickly become the reel of choice for many of Penn’s Pro Staff Anglers as their sailfish and white marlin reel. Geared fast enough to keep up with any billfish charging the boat (or for some rapid-fire bait changes when they just can’t seem to find the hook), both the Single-speed and Two-Speed GLD models feature a larger, more comfortable handle than competing graphite lever drags, and are a much more comfortable and powerful reel to fish.

  • Push-Button Shift System on Two-Speed Models
  • Machined, Anodized, Aluminum Spool
  • Four Aircraft-Grade, Shielded, Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Machined-Cut Stainless Steel Gears
  • Lightweight Graphite Frame
  • Powerful 120º Drag Quadrant
  • Stainless Steel Reel Stand

  • Mono line capacity: 600yds / 30lb
  • Braid line capacity: 620yds / 80lb braid ( 50yds / 60lb topshot )
  • Gear Ratio: High: 3.8:1 / Low: 2:1
  • Line Retrieve per crank: High: 32 in / Low: 17 in
  • Weight: 43 oz

  • Price:289.93 (Including VAT at 20%)

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