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Penn International® VSX Series - 130VSX - Last few to clear - Save over 30%

Penn International VSX Series - 130VSX - Last few to clear - Save over 30%
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RRP: 1499.95 - Made in USA

The VSX range is one of Penn's most impressive engineering achievements.

This range has been designed to cope with the extreme drag settings required when fishing with braided main lines. Unlike other reels, the smooth drag curve created with this range gives you total confidence.

The main problem with using braided main lines is the speed at which a hooked fish can take line from the spool. If the drag can't cope then the result is often a pulled hook, or even a snapped line! Penn's engineers realised the potential problem and quickly set to work on a space-age drag system that eliminates the threat of lost fish.

Extreme engineering coupled with the most modern materials and manufacturing processes has created one of the finest, most reliable reels ever produced.

  • NEW - Now you can enjoy all of the features of the VSX in a smaller size 12 version suitable for many UK appplications and for those travelling in pursuit of big game it will make a superb light tackle reel for sailfish, white marlin and other pelagic species.
  • Full metal body - one piece machined aluminium frame & side-plates for the ultimate in gear alignment
  • Push-to-turn preset knob keeps the drag where it needs to be
  • Easy & reliable two-speed shifting mechanism
  • Ratcheted lever prevents 'Drag creep' caused by hours of trolling and vibrations
  • Dura-drag washers virtually eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings
  • Four ball bearings for smooth performance in salt water
  • Ultimate adjustable clicker to feed line under the right tension

  • Model Number: 1151040
  • Model Description: INTERNATIONAL 130VSX
  • Ball Bearings: 6
  • Line Capacity: 975 yd / 130lb
  • Gear Ratio: 2.2:1 h / 1:2.1 lw
  • Weight: 4990 grams
  • Maximum Drag: 31.5kg

    2 only remaining so dont delay !!!!!

  • Price:999.96 (Including VAT at 20%)

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