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Penn International V RS Standup Trolling Rod ( VS5010RS56 )

Penn International V RS Standup Trolling Rod ( VS5010RS56 )
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Penn International V RS Stand-up Rods feature AFTCO Roller Stripper and Tip-Top for line protection in the two greatest friction points on the rod, with Aluminum-Oxide Turbo Guides 'In-Between' for the best combination of line protection and economy.

Butt on these rods is Penn's Slick Butt for ease of removal from rod holders. This model features Penn's Integrated Solid Tip, combining the power of tubular glass and the durability of solid glass in the tiptop section. All International V RS Stand-up Rod models feature machined reel seats and metal gimbals for reliablity and proven performance. Foregrips are EVA foam for the ultimate in comfort and durablity, a standard theme with all Penn Products.

  • Rod Length: 5ft 6inches
  • Rod Class: 50-100 lb
  • Butt Type: Slick Butt
  • Guides: AFTCO Roller Pac Bay Turbo
  • No. Guides and Tip: 7
  • Rod Construction: One Piece
  • Reel Seat: Aluminum
  • Grip: EVA
  • Blank Material: Glass
  • Gimbal : Aluminum

  • Price:189.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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