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Penn Rampage Bass 11ft 6" Surf Rod ( 1277895 ) Save Over 20%

Penn Rampage Bass 11ft 6
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RRP 114.99

This lightweight, slim diameter rod, designed to be held for long periods. Rated to cast 2 to 4oz (56 / 113g)

The Penn Rampage Bass is a 3 piece 11'6'' rod designed to cast 2 to 4oz. The slim and lightweight rod is built on a 24T carbon blank and is balanced so that it can be held for long periods without undue strain. The fast action is perfect for casting a bait into the wind on a storm beach and has plenty of power to control a fish when you get it into the surf. As well as surf fishing the Rampage Bass is also a lovely rod for flattie and estuary work

The action is fast taper with a quickly stiffening mid-section and stiff butt to give casting power, but with a supple tip designed to protect soft baits and retain bite detection. It carries Fuji O and L rings, an aluminium reel seat, and the fore grip is black shrink tube to maximise bite detection coming through the rod directly in to the hand.

  • It is very well finished with Fuji O guides, aluminium screw winch and EVA grip
  • Supplied in Cordura carry tube.
  • Designed for use with multiplier or fixed spool reels

  • Price:89.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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