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Pike Dawg SD - Five For Four Offer

Pike Dawg SD - Five For Four Offer

A time proven Pike classic. Fully rigged and fitted with best quality Mustad hooks, length is approximately 9" (225mm), and weight is 2.25oz (55gms).

Available in a range of 14 stunning colour combinations, at 4.95 each.

Add any four of these lures to your order, and we will throw in an extra one absolutely FREE OF CHARGE (our colour choice on free lures)

Free lures will not show up in your invoice, but will be automatically added during the packing process.

Please Note: These are not Bulldawg lures

Colour 01: Colour C01:
Colour 02: Colour C03:
Colour 03: Colour C04:
Colour 09: Colour C06:
Colour 31: Colour C07:
Colour 41: Colour C09:
Colour 65: Colour C10:
Colour 83: Colour C12:
Colour 95C: Colour C13:
Colour 101: Colour C14:
Colour 102: Colour BO:
Colour 103: Colour FT:
Colour 104:   
Colour 105:   

Price:4.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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