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Polaroid Polarised Glasses in Bulk (10)

Polaroid Polarised Glasses in Bulk (10)
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Was 39.95

The lenses used in Polaroid sunglasses are not "polarised" they are genuine "Polaroid" - Polaroid were the inventors and manufacturers of the first ever Polarised glasses - which means that they are a top quality product made in Polaroid's own factory in the UK to their very high standards.

Try the glasses for yourself and you will immediately appreciate the clarity of the lenses and the amazing ability to cut down glare.

Whilst many sunglasses are sold as fashion items the 8 model range that we are offering was researched and developed by Polaroid in conjunction with a number of fishing editors who were asked to select the models that they thought most appropriate for fishing conditions.

Available in Randomly Selected Bulk Packs of 10 Glasses at just 15.00 (plus VAT) per pair of glasses.

These Bulk Packs are Random Assorted from our range of Polaroid Polarised Glasses - to view our range please click here

Price:180.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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