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PowerPro Braided Micro Filament Superline - 300yds - Save 33%

PowerPro Braided Micro Filament Superline - 300yds - Save 33%
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RRP 39.99 - Save 33%

PowerPro micro filament 100% Spectra braid line is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge.

PowerPro braided line provides consistent, trouble-free performance on all types of reel - from the smallest ultra-lights to the largest bait casters. You'll cast further and with greater accuracy every time, and feel each tiny twitch of your lure - allowing you to acheive more consistent hook sets.

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PowerPro Advantages

PowerPro's unique composition and enhanced body technology give you a line that is:

Rounder and more compact (equals finer diameter):
- resists burying in the spool
- spools and packs better on any reel
- absorbs less water
- unbelievable strength to size ratio

Structurally Superior:
- reduces wind knot, backlashes, guide and rod tip wraps
- ties more easily and holds knots better
- near zero stretch
- no reel memory

Smoother and slicker:
- sails effortlessly through rod guides for longer casts
- won't cut rod guides
- resists abrasion by equipment or natural hazards
- maintans performance over time

Price:26.78 (Including VAT at 20%)

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