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Rapala Steel Leaders - 133 Strand (7x19) - RGL223

Rapala Steel Leaders - 133 Strand (7x19) - RGL223

The best components: stainless steel, welded rings, quality ball bearing and more. Only the highest quality components are used to build the world´s best terminal tackle. It´s the stuff that will stand-up to tough conditions and trophy fish.

  • Snap Size: 2
  • Swivel Size: BB/2
  • Leader Length: 14kg - 23cm

    Just 6.99 for a Pack of 2 Leaders, or save even more with a Pack of 6 Leaders (3 packs of 2) for only 15.00

    Please choose from the drop down list

  • Price:7.13 (Including VAT at 20%)


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