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Fishing Rods and Rod Building

Tacklebargains |  Fishing Rods and Rod Building

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Rod Accessories</span> Fishing Rod Accessories

Fishing Rod Accessories including Travel Fly Rod Tubes, Rod Holders, Rod Racks, Car Rod Carriers, Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Carriers

<span class='actregular'>Spare Fishing Rod Sections</span> Spare Fishing Rod Sections

Spare sections for many Normark fishing rods like the Normark Titan and Normark Avenger. Normark match rod sections and fly rod sections

<span class='actregular'>Fly Fishing Rods</span> Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing rods including single handed and Double Handed fly fishing rods, plenty of Multi Piece travel fly rods including the full range of Lefty Kreh rods by Temple Fork Outfitters.

<span class='actregular'>Pike and Carp Fishing Rods</span> Pike and Carp Fishing Rods

Fishing rods for carp and pike fishing by Masterline, Zebco, Matt Hayes TFG, John Wilson

<span class='actregular'>Spinning Rods</span> Spinning Rods

Spinning rods from ultra light rods to serious offshore spinning and lure rods by Abu, Mitchell, Shimano, Storm, Masterline Powerhead, John Wilson, Lefty kreh TFO Multipiece flats spinning rods

<span class='actregular'>Ultra Light Spinning Rods and Drop Shot Spinning Rods</span> Ultra Light Spinning Rods and Drop Shot Spinning Rods

Lure fishing and bait casting trigger grip rods by Abu, Berkley, Fenwick, Mitchell, Shimano, Spidercast, Fladden of Sweden, Gord Burton, Matt Hayes TFG

<span class='actregular'>Trigger Grip Lure Fishing Rods</span> Trigger Grip Lure Fishing Rods

Lure fishing and bait casting trigger grip rods by Abu, Berkley, Fenwick, Mitchell, Shimano, Spidercast, Fladden of Sweden, Gord Burton, Matt Hayes TFG

<span class='actregular'>Downtide Boat Fishing Rods</span> Downtide Boat Fishing Rods

From Cheap budget holiday boat fishing rods to serious offshore and downrigger rods with savings of up to 65% and lots of special offers

<span class='actregular'>Trolling, Jigging and Kayak Boat Fishing Rods</span> Trolling, Jigging and Kayak Boat Fishing Rods

<span class='actregular'>Uptide Rods</span> Uptide Rods

Uptide Rods from suppliers such as Shakespeare, Masterline, Jarvis Walker and Fladen of Sweden

<span class='actregular'>Match and Float Fishing Rods</span> Match and Float Fishing Rods

Normark Rods, Masterline float fishing rods, Normark match fishing rods, Zebco, Fladden of Sweden, Avon quiver rods, Normark Titan, Normark Avenger

<span class='actregular'>Feeder & Quiver Rods</span> Feeder & Quiver Rods

Feeder and quiver fishing rods, Masterline John Wilson avon quiver rods, Fladden of Sweden, Normark Crusader, Matt Hayes TFG stream, river and pit rods.

<span class='actregular'>Beach, Shore, and Bass rods</span> Beach, Shore, and Bass rods

Fishing rods for beach fishing and shore fishing including, bass rods, Rockhopper plugger rods by Ed Schlifke and lots more

<span class='actregular'>Specialist and Barbel Fishing Rods</span> Specialist and Barbel Fishing Rods

Fishing rods for stalking, barbel fishing rods, Avon rods, plus specialist spinning and predator fishing rods

<span class='actregular'>Telescopic Rods and Holiday Rods</span> Telescopic Rods and Holiday Rods

Telescopic fishing rods for Spinning, beach and bost fishing plus cheap travel and holiday rods

<span class='actregular'>Multipiece Travel Fishing Rods</span> Multipiece Travel Fishing Rods

Multi piece fishing rods for the travelling angler including Beach, Spinning, Boat, Match, Ultralight and carp rods Plus many special promo offers

<span class='actregular'>Whips and Poles</span> Whips and Poles

<span class='actregular'>Seconds and Clearance Rods (non Fly)</span> Seconds and Clearance Rods (non Fly)

All Cosmetic Seconds, Clearance Rods including discontinued and ex-display rods (non Fly Fishing)

We are constantly adding products - If there is something that you require that is not listed please advise us. We will get back to you but please allow a little time as these enquiries are dealt with personally. Click here to Contact Us

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Fishing equipment at cheap discount prices. Because we buy tackle in wholesale quantities, and sell only online, we can offer great savings on nearly all of your angling equipment needs. Whether you are looking for fly and game fishing tackle, lure fishing gear, coarse and match fishing equipment, sea fishing tackle or specialist carp or pike fishing tackle remember - fish don't care how much you paid.