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Rovex Captive 10ft Pellet Waggler Rod - Save over 20%

Rovex Captive 10ft Pellet Waggler Rod - Save over 20%
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RRP 32.50

The new Rovex Captive range has been introduced with an emphasis primarily on meeting the needs of those fishing commercial carp waters. This compact range of rods has "something for everyone" and covers the full range of the most common fishing techniques. Despite their modest prices these rods give outstanding performance and outperform rods costing a great deal more. These well specified rods are sure to become big sellers.

These are a very versatile rod as whilst designed for casting pellet wagglers to distance and playing carp quickly they have a sensative tip allowing you to use lighter lines and hook lengths when conditions demand yet with loads of power in the butt that kicks in to subdue the larger specimens.

Captive Carp Pellet Waggler

  • Length: 10 feet ( 3 metres )
  • Blank Construction: 2 piece
  • Line rating: 2 to 6lb

  • Price:24.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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