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Rovex Duren 4pc Boat Rods - Seconds

Rovex Duren 4pc Boat Rods - Seconds
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Stunning looks, top quality fittings and top quality blanks give top quality performance!

The Duren collection has something for everyone. These rods are built on powerful blanks capable of handling big fish and have sensitive tips for good bite registration. The ingenious construction of the four piece boat rods loses none of the action but folds down to just over 2 foot in length.

We have a small number of rods that are being cleared as seconds. Basicaly one or more of the joints are overly tight and need some light stock removal to the male part of the joint. If you have a bit of time, skill and patience then this is a very easy fix and a great bargain to be had.

Very limited availability so dont delay.

Line Class
Rovex Duren 7ft 6"
7ft 6 inches
12 to 20 lbs
Rovex Duren 7ft 4"
7ft 4 inches
20 to 30 lbs
Rovex Duren 7ft 3"
7ft 3 inches
30 to 50 lbs

Price:24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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